Fish Frak (Jr.)

Fatter, older, quite apathetic

Credit: jenessarae11

Quarren Barkeep


Fish owns the locally unpopular “Fish Pit,” which supposedly serves snack foods along with drinks but is not very convincing in this regard. Fish’s personality is matched by his establishment–run down, slimy, and a unpleasant shade of brownish green (Green isn’t a color associated with his species, he just has a bad hygiene routine). The Fish Pit was the inheritance he received from his father, Fish Frak Sr., and the business’ mild success largely rests on a clientele which lacks discernment and lives nearby. Fish’s main motivation in life is to do as little as possible and make easy credits, but he lacks the ambition to seek out opportunities and instead remains in the bar, above which he sleeps during most of the day. For reasons unknown he is afraid of droids and does not want this fact revealed because it is frankly (Frakly?) embarrassing. He is not particularly talented in any way.

PLOT HOOK: Fish Sr. died mysteriously when Jr. was 20. If PCs wanna latch onto him, they could help him find the killer.

SKILLS: Deception, Negotiation, Streetwise

GEAR: Fish’s Ol’ Boomstick (laser shotgun)–Ranged (Heavy), 5 Damage, 3 Critical, Short Range, Blast 4, Inaccurate 1

8 WT, 2 Soak

CONVERSION: Fish can easily be a more idealized version of himself in the hands of a player with the Scoundrel specialization (Smuggler career) or the Entrepreneur specialization (Colonist career). In both cases steer away from Charm, Cool, or too many Knowledge skills. Player Quarrens will want to boost their starting Presence, Cunning, and Agility to 3 to create a jack of all trades or alternatively may construct a Presence 4 Fish who has to rely on his negotiation skills to save his skin.
In a different setting he could easily be a human or your choice of semi-aquatic or aquatic species. If human in a standard fantasy setting, he could be Finsley “Fish” Frakton. What’s important is general ineptitude and low intelligence.

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