Lucky Tooth

“That’s not a big sword. THIS is a big sword. Try swinging this at something and see how they handle it.”


Middle Age, Brawny, Has some giant blood, Has only one tooth, Balding, Pious

Traits: Strength: 20 Dexterity: 8 Constitution: 20 Intelligence: 11 Wisdom: 10 Charisma: 10

Lucky Tooth is a mercenary who has been hired to do a variety of jobs. He is well known in his town as an honest and effective fighter. He got his name from a job early on in his career when he took a club to the face and had all of his teeth knocked out but one. He also didn’t seem phased by the hit and took out the man who struck  him. He is now very difficult to understand when he speaks. He spends most of the time at the tavern where he works as a bouncer when he doesn’t have other jobs. Ironically he cannot hold his liquor at all. Two shots and he’s drunk. However, when drunk he loses coordination and becomes more dangerous. He is always the last one standing in a bar fight, no matter how drunk he is. No one actually knows where he lives because he seems to legitimately always be at the bar – except on Wednesdays when he disappears. On those days he spends the whole day worshipping his god. No one knows where.

Skills: Negotiation, Great Weapon Master, Dual Wielder, Lucky, Grappler, Savage Attacker

Gear: Large Broad Sword, Large Shield, Steel Armor

Adventure Hook: Besides hiring him to help their party… at an outrageous rate, (he is worth it though) Lucky Tooth has giants blood in him. There is talk of local giants raiding nearby villages. Lucky Tooth says he’ll only fight if they come here. If pressed players can convince him to help them stop the raids and find his birth father. Who knows if that’s good or bad.

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