Ok “O.K.” Ve’Lon

“Many Bothans died to bring us this information” – Mon Mothma

Bothan Corporate Spy


O.K. is strictly Bothan in his opinion that information is king. By learning secrets from enemies and friends alike he gains expensive researched knowledge or the leverage for blackmail. He’s spent some time in corporate espionage but a recent experience caused him to leave his employer for personal reasons and he is now drifting between odd jobs. O.K always lives with his ear to the ground so he can make a quick buck, but don’t generalize him as a loner and outsider–he is fiercely devoted to his clan and its prosperity remains a primary motivation in his vocational aspirations. Since he aids his clan through attainment of information, it might pay to be restrictive in the information one shares with a this or any Bothan. Any secrets told may become secrets sold. Parties without a Bothan in the ranks must make ◆◆◆ Outer Rim check in order to realize they should keep their mouths shut about sensitive information and expect O.K. to get what information he can for free. If the GM upgrades this check and a despair is generated, the party (or the PC responsible) foolishly reveals something better left a secret. That being said, if you’re in business with him expect a little give and take to get the job done.

PLOT HOOK: O.K. is free for hire but he also has something on his plate he needs help with. A fellow clan member is being blackmailed, but he doesn’t want to put a target on his back by being directly involved in settling the score. If the PCs want to help they can break into the mansion of Graff-To Kwal, a local businessman and politician, to get the required leverage.

SKILLS: Computers, Coordination, Deception 2, Perception 2, Skullduggery 2, Stealth 2, Survival, Vigilance, Ranged (Light), Knowledge (Mid Rim), Knowledge (Core Worlds), Knowledge (Underworld)

12 WT, 2 Soak

GEAR: Blaster pistol–Ranged (Light), 6 Damage, 3 Critical, Medium Range, Stun Setting;

Disguise Kit

CONVERSION: Despite being explicitly described as a spy, O.K. works best as the Scoundrel (Smuggler career) for a PC on account of his skills and lack of war experience (or interest in such). Players will want to increase their Agility and Cunning up to 4 for one beastly combo. Play to his strengths by adding Perception, Deception, Skullduggery, and Ranged (Light). Make sure he is always withholding unnecessary information–why give away valuables for free?

Bothans have low brawn, so if you want to transfer him to a different setting make him a character with less than average physical power. For the peculiars of Bothan culture, one can easily make a human culture with similar features of information-prioritizing and clan-based politics. You can also play him as an unusually greedy but loyal lightfoot Halfling–Oakey Burrowes.

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