Autumn Arias

Sometimes bad things happen because people are stupid, but Autumn doesn’t let that stop her.

Age: 19

Class: Cleric

Race: Human

STR: 10 DEX: 10 CON: 10 INT: 13 WIS: 16 CHA: 15

Background: Noble

Description: Autumn left home with her grandfather’s sword on her back, her mother’s books in her bag, and her father’s symbol hanging around her neck. She wasn’t trying to escape her noble heritage or get out from under the thumb of controlling parents: her exodus is a rite of passage. Like every member of the Arias family before her, she’s gone out into the world to change it, however she can.

The only problem is that she really does not like people. They’re disappointing and create all kinds of messes. She’ll never voice that opinion around someone she feels particularly disappointed in, but struggles to be patient and keep her frustration from her voice. Despite this, years of education and training have turned Autumn into a very capable leader.

She currently works out of a local temple giving aid and advice where she can. Through her interactions with the people and their trust in her, Autumn has an incredible amount of knowledge about the people and surrounding area.

Plot Hook: Someone has been stealing locks of hair from people of the city. The people are never physically harmed because the hair is taken while they sleep, but the thief never leaves any trace of being in their home. Autumn has a few clues, but hasn’t been able to track the culprit down.

Plot Twist: The party won’t be the first group hunting down the culprit. They will be racing against a local group of mercenaries to claim the bounty on the thief.

Conversion to Other Systems

Autumn’s focus is on her mental and interpersonal skills. Despite whatever disdain she might feel, she is able to maintain encouraging relationships with those around her. She is quick to catch loose information and make connections that other people don’t see. Autumn has some martial training and is well-educated, but is a terrible liar.

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