Guy Michel

No, no, no, you fool. I smell of pamplemousse and rose. You smell of dung and bad decisions.”

Age: 22

Class: Cleric

Race: Human

Background: Acolyte

STR: 14 DEX: 9 CON: 15 INT: 11 WIS: 16 CHA: 13

Guy Michel hasn’t belonged anywhere in his life. He didn’t belong in his family, didn’t belong at university, and generally doesn’t belong in any crowd.

He definitely did not belong in this tavern. The Holy Pendant, a rather edgy bar down the road from the Monel Cathedral, stood firm in its opposition of the piousness of the city in which it resides. Naturally, it attracted a clientele that shared the same sentiment. Every so often, a lost traveler would find their way to the bar and stand out… to a degree. But Guy Michel didn’t stand out for that reason. He was no pious man, nor was he a traveler.

He is flamboyant. And obnoxious. And generally rude and unbecoming. Standing in the middle of a crowd of burly men dressed in unkempt and worn clothes, Guy is dressed in bright purple, with a flowing green cravat protruding from a silk jacket. He’s looking to get himself killed mingling with this crowd.

But as you approach, a commotion sweeps the room. You catch a view; Guy has stabbed a man twice his size and is now dusting off his vest.

Plot Device: Guy is in Monel to convince his brother to join the clergy. If his brother does, Guy will receive his brother’s share of their family’s inheritance. If you help Guy get his brother out of the picture—one way or another—you’ll share in that inheritance. It would be a fat reward for you, which includes an interesting and storied collection of magical staves.

Conversion: Guy is obstinate, rude, and very proud of how he looks. He is willing to put others down in order to get what he wants. He is driven by taking advantage of his family and taking their wealth in whatever form it may be. His flamboyant, holier-than-thou attitude is his pride.

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