Kark Nasch

“It’sss got a fine edge, sssir. Care to try it out?”

Trandoshan Merchant


Kark stumbled into salesmanship. As a child he was easily the most talkative of his clutch (as well as the neighbor’s) and, though most Trandoshans distinguish themselves through martial prowess, he found himself getting his fellows to fight battles for him. As he grew, he felt the need to assert his own physicality and drifted from his loquacious ways to focus on being a warrior. After taking odd mercenary jobs and doing some work as a bouncer, Kark reconnected with his charismatic past, finding it useful in a variety of situations. After finding some thrill in haggling the resale of an older weapon of his, he branched into selling weapons himself. Kark does a little bit of everything, he sells of course, he also buys, he crafts a few weapons of his own, and he occasionally fights customers. Sometimes those customers later hire him for event security or various criminal enterprises. Sometimes they die in his small shop and he claims they tried to rob him. Either way, he has a good time.

When PCs enter Kark’s shop, “Kark Blades”, they could find him doing any number of things listed above, or even practicing his own fighting skills on a dummy in the corner. If he is finishing up with a client, it might well set the tone to see Kark not only wheel and deal with a customer, but potentially nail the final price with a threatening tone and a glance at his Therm-Ax. Kark is a renaissance man. Renaissance lizard. It is a known fact that Kark will spar with a customer (he has a posted sign: “Sparring Free”) to test a blade, and if a PC wins a duel with him, they get two successes added to their Negotiation check. After a Negotiation check to set a price, Kark might use Coercion to adjust the price by 10% with a success, up to 30% with three, or even force the PC to buy a “Kark Blades” advertising combat dagger with a Triumph. A fail means no change in price.

PLOT HOOK: Kark has gotten complaints from customers that the neighborhood is too dangerous. Many come in hoping to be able to defend themselves against local crime, but apparently some people are specifically targeting those who look untrained with weaponry around his shop, then relieving them of their new equipment and anything else they want. Kark is starting to lose a share of the self-defense market and he doesn’t like it. If the PCs pry, they can learn this from Kark as well as the time that most of these robberies occur–just after sunset.

SKILLS: Athletics, Charm, Coercion 2, Discipline, Deception 2, Mechanics 2, Leadership, Negotiation 2, Perception, Streetwise, Brawl 2, Melee 2

INVENTORY: Brass Knuckles, Gaffi Stick, Rykk Blade, Vam Blade, Vibro-ax, Vibroknife, Vibrosword (Really any non-restricted Melee weapons)

16 WT, 5 Soak

CONVERSION: Kark is a little all over the place for a PC, so one has to decide what aspects of Kark to drop. You can get his characteristics by taking a little extra obligation. For Career and Specialization you can lean into his mercantile abilities with the Entrepreneur, or, more faithfully to his diversity, go for Politico. It’ll be easier to get his starting skills that way. Either way, if you want to later lean into his martial prowess, pick up the Marauder specialization (Hired Gun career). In other systems do the same–rely on his high strength and put off getting combat skills until later. Likewise, give him a race known for strength and not much else, potentially make him an orc or a half-orc, dependent on your setting.

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