Lionel Peck

Small towns come with small problems, but Lionel needs big problems.

Age: 30

Class: Monk

Race: Human

STR: 13 DEX: 15 CON: 13 INT: 9 WIS: 11 CHA: 12

Background: Folk Hero


Lionel found himself thrust into the spotlight ten years ago when he stumbled upon a group of bandits breaking into a home while making his usual milk delivery. In a feat of combat prowess Lionel didn’t know he possessed, he dispatched the bandits and saved the family. He’s now a type of local hero.

Despite the near constant acclaim, he doesn’t believe he deserves the fame and respect that have come with his singular accomplishment. Not content to live in his own shadow, Lionel has dedicated himself to monastic tradition and left home to find a cause worth giving his life and time to.

Plot Hook:

Recently, that desire to find a cause has got him into a little trouble. He found a man bleeding in the woods, clutching a strange artifact. Since naively trying to help a stranger by the wayside, Lionel has been attacked several times by a strange group of bandits trying to get their hands on the artifact. He doesn’t know why they want it, but knows their intentions can’t be pure. He needs help figuring out who is behind the death of this stranger and protecting the artifact.

Plot Twist:

As the party successfully helps Lionel in protecting the artifact, they will unintentionally be helping the villain go through with their plan.

Conversion to other Systems:

Despite his dedication to a monastic tradition, Lionel’s physical attributes should be stronger than his mental attributes. He should carry some sort of dedication to a higher cause, but not necessarily a holy cause. Lionel is only looking to find a way to do the most good, not necessarily heal the spiritually wounded. He has little knowledge of the world outside of his town and a hard time understanding deeper motivations even if he can detect them.

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