The Hummer: Church Custodian

There always seems to be another layer of dirt to sweep away. The custodian’s work is never done.


Old, Wrinkly skin, Wispy grey hair, Pious, Vindictive, Mute

STR: 14 DEX: 16 CON: 9 INT: 14 WIS: 10 CHA: 16

Traits: The Hummer is a church custodian who has worked at this church for about a year or two. He can’t speak but hums as he cleans, which is how people recognize him and refer to him. He seems friendly and amiable, but he is slowly destroying the power of the gods in that Church. He is actually of a different religion that the church he works for considers pagan. They of course don’t know this. Because of this he is wary of the actual religion of the church he cleans. Most patrons of the church notice some occasional weird behavior but take it for piousness. They whisper that the gods took his tongue as a punishment and he cleans the churches as a form of repayment to them. The players can notice this weird behavior. He slowly destroys the gods powers by altering or defacing holy altars or sacred shrines. He does them in minor ways which aren’t noticed, or if they are the priests don’t make them public because of embarrassment as they do their own investigations. The Hummer has actually done this from town to town in a variety of different churches. It has become his private mission to destroy the power of other gods.

Gear: Broom (Inlaid with a spell of DM’s choice), old clothing, Pagan Brooch

Adventure Hook: Players notice his erratic behavior at a worship service and suspect something. They can try and communicate with him through hand gestures. The church also might seek people to help them discover why their church is losing followers and power.

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