Charles the Monk

“Shh… We’re not allowed to talk—at all. But I gotta ask… you think you could get me outta here? I’m kinda over this.”

“Shh… We’re not allowed to talk—at all. But I gotta ask… you think you could get me outta here? I’m kinda over this.”

Age: 28

Class: Monk

Race: Human

Background: Acolyte

STR: 13; DEX: 16; CON: 14; INT: 11; WIS: 9; CHA: 15

In the B’Than monastery at the end of the world, in the basement, in the back corner, there is a laundry room. Charles works in that laundry room. He’s worked there for about 6 years now, and he’s not sure how to get out.

Once a convincing orator and all-around funny guy, Charles lost a bet and had to join the first monastery along his path—but only for a while. Problem was, the B’Than monastery was just a few miles from his city. In a stunning twist of irony that left him in disbelief, this once exuberant, expressive man found himself joining the only monastery of mute monks for a thousand miles. He couldn’t speak, and he couldn’t leave. And that’s how he got stuck.

Shaved head, traditional brown habit, and scars from numerous attempts to speak up, Charles doesn’t immediately seem out of place, but upon closer inspection, it is apparent he feels trapped. He greets you, the first outsider(s) to visit this monastery in years, with the traditional bow, and surprisingly, after a quick glance to ensure you are alone, he speaks to you—as if you’d been friends for years.

Plot Device: Charles finds all sorts of things in the laundry, and as a subtle form of defiance, he’s been collecting these “items of note” for a few years. He gives you an old, worn, slightly rusted latchkey. It jangles on a large, square keyring. “This opens the cellar. Nabbed it from the head monk, Allarforth. Dunno if that’s his name… He’s never spoken to me. Looks like an Allarforth, though. You definitely want to see what’s down there. Also, probably wanna take a sword. It’s more of… well, a dungeon, not a cellar.”

Conversion: Charles is, at his core, a character that should be stuck in an unexpected or unfortunate situation. He wants to escape from whatever situation he is stuck in. He likes to collect things: nuggets of knowledge, small items, keys, etc. Help him, and he’ll get you into situations you wouldn’t find otherwise.

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