Vulkan TeVulkan

The shepherds of Felden tend to their mountain rams in the harshest of elements. They are, of necessity, stalwart and strong, able to wrestle even the largest ram to the ground with ease.

Age: 30

Class: Barbarian

Race: Human

Background: Folk Hero

STR: 16; DEX: 9; CON:15; INT:16; WIS: 13; CHA: 9

Vulkan TeVulkan and his blood brother Tanrath TeSkllanen are on their fifth year of tending their first flock. Dressed in rams fur and sporting large horn spears, they are talking loudly nearby as you investigate a large rock formation on your trail. They seem unsuspecting and, to be frank, thick skulled. You have to wonder how they fare around other people. It seems easy to pull one over on them, but if you were caught… well, you’d might not even live long enough to regret it.

As you approach, one of their rams breaks free and charges you. Even before you can react, Vulkan springs to action, jumping on the beast and wrestling him down by the horns. “First one’s free, brother,” he says, getting up without looking at you, “Next time you owe me.”

Plot Device: If you decide to stick around and get to know Vulkan, you’ll find that this seemingly inept man is actually a genius. He’s doing a 6-year trek with his flock to redeem his father, Vulkan TeVannek’s, name. His father is a criminal, and by law, his son can pay the penance if desired. He has studied this area and knows all its secrets. He wouldn’t be opposed to sharing those secrets… with a blood brother.

Conversion: Vulkan should be the seemingly inept bruiser that works in the most rural environment possible in any given setting. Tending animals is a big part of his identity, and he is good at it. He is also very learned, which comes to the surprise of most. He is empathetic, as seen by his desire to redeem his father.

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