Jekyoh Edd (Mr.Edd)

“Nobody sells things cheaper! … That’s not what I meant.”

Abednedo Merchant


Jekyoh is a regular guy just trying to make it by. He’s a small-time merchant who makes his living off miscellaneous surplus goods and items that he gets cheap from scavenge. He’s a bargain aisle and a decent salesman. It’s a business model that happily never cost him a large upfront investment, since he operates a simple wooden street stall in a neighborhood that doesn’t concern itself with the legality of store licensing. Though he knows he’s too small of a fry to catch the attention of local authorities, he avoids any “hot” merchandise or illegal goods to keep it that way. That is, most of the time. The same weak will that makes him jumpy and afraid to lose his livelihood also drives him to the occasional shady deal, knowing that he can make much more credits. Players can expect one illegal or restricted item with almost every visit, though he will have to trust you. Besides that he has simple armors, stim packs, and random situation-specific gear. Jekyoh has a rotating inventory (see typical stuff below) that the GM can replenish with goods the PCs will want for that session’s adventure, so he makes a good home-base store for starting players.

Beyond his mundane wares, he also deals in local information. Jekyoh can definitely tell you about where to go for more dodgy merchandise–and he also can give you the scoop on crooks, public figures, and current events. He can even keep an eye out for specific individuals for the PCs if they need it. Of course, for any favor there is a fee (typically ranging between 50-300 credits). Jekyoh will ask upfront for cash in exchange for what he knows, and while he is easy to intimidate no one likes a bully. If the PCs compel him they should be wary, for Jekyoh may find their enemies.

SKILLS: Charm, Negotiation 2, Streetwise, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Knowledge (Outer Rim)

INVENTORY: Adverse Environment Gear [1 Soak] (500), Armored Clothing [1 Defense, 1 Soak] (1,000), Backpack (50), Breath Mask (25), Comlink (25), Heavy Clothing [1 Soak] (50), Macrobinoculars (75), Sabaac Deck (40), Stimpack (25)

8 WT, 2 Soak

ADVENTURE HOOK: Jekyoh has had a stable business model for years now, but there has been a recent hiccup. PCs who began to befriend him may be confided in as a result; he has some new aggressive competition. While he isn’t in physical danger, Jekyoh’s usual sources for discount items are being utilized by a newcomer. If the PCs can get rid of this upstart, Jekyoh will be most grateful. Conversely, they could see what the new merchant has to offer as well.

CONVERSION: Since Abednedos do not yet have official stats from Fantasy Flight, I’d recommend simply using mechanics for humans. Abednedos are in a variety of professions and don’t seem to have defining characteristics, so the average human base seems about right. The same goes for his race in other systems, though if you can make an argument for something else go for it. In any case, Jekyoh is clearly a Entrepreneur (Colonist career) with high Presence and Cunning–put one to three and the other to four. He’s not ready for combat, so if your GM plays combat heavy he might not be the best choice.

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