Oliver-Twistian street kid ready to bug your inexperienced PCs

Rodian Pickpocket


Twavi is a symptom of a dense and poor population center. Orphaned and raised on the streets, she gets by with simple thievery, though she isn’t opposed to getting sustenance and luxuries through other means. Twavi grew up ignored by most, so she uses that to her advantage in day-to-day life; when people turn their eyes from public poverty, she turns out their pockets. Twavi hasn’t really begun to really question the morality of her life, she just survives. Her modus operandi is to travel the downtown streets, find distracted and heavy-pursed targets, and to relieve them of their excess assets. Things are simpler if she sticks to straight credits, but she’ll take anything she is confident in getting away with. Rodian mouths do not easily make the sounds associated with Basic, so Twavi speaks in a way that is hard to understand and supplements with hand gestures to make her thoughts known.

Since Twavi must be selective in her targets, she will most likely home in on characters who are less aware or under duress, channeling her hunting instincts. A single party member will have to succeed a Perception check versus Twavi’s Skulduggery (if stealing off their person) or Stealth (if an object is within sight), which are conveniently equal as two Challenge dice and one Difficulty (⬢⬢◆). She will also likely strike at a time when circumstances supply Setback dice to the check, like during a transaction, altercation, or simple conversation.  The theft loses the PC about 100 credits or something else light and unsecured. A Despair results in a larger volume of things stolen (maybe a blaster) or a second upgraded thievery attempt on the next best target, while two Despairs could result in an additional distraction or a loss of footing that means Twavi gets a backpack or something usually deemed unstealable.Threats can be spent as Despairs at the three to one rate in this situation. If you’re a rude GM, spend a Destiny Point to up the chances of successful theft. Three Advantages or a Triumph despite failure could trigger an immediate Vigilance check to recognize the theft, which might lead a more perceptive member of the group to see Twavi as she escapes (possibly triggering a chase); otherwise the character makes a Vigilance check in a few minutes to determine if the theft is noticed. Either way, their next attempted retrieval of the stolen goods will make them aware.

PLOT HOOK: If Twavi is caught stealing or if PCs later somehow catch up to her (the GM can make that happen easily enough), they are likely to pity her situation. While they are free to turn her in to local authorities, Twavi will offer them knowledge of a simple heist in exchange for her continued freedom. If emotional connections are made, she could make quite the Short Round to the party’s Indiana Jones.

SKILLS: Athletics, Coordination, Deception, Perception 2, Skullduggery 2, Stealth 2, Streetwise, Survival, Vigilance

6 WT, 1 Soak

CONVERSION: Twavi obviously has taken the Thief specialization in the Smuggler Career, and a player who wishes to emulate her can also get a rank in all her skills (besides Athletics) for free at character creation. She makes another great 4 Agility 4 Cunning character. If you’re speaking in character, make consistent grammatical mistakes and watch Greedo speak for inspiration on weird sounds (I like his clicking “kl” pronunciation).

Pretty much any role-playing game has a thief class, and Twavi is pretty typical when it comes to that designation. To make a thief into “Twavi,” make her a marginal race and make sure she is in her early teens. Make sure her native tongue isn’t the standard speech. If possible, also try to reflect the naturally low Willpower characteristic that all Rodian PCs start with.

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