Welcome to Our Vault

Feel free to take a look around. You might just find something you need.

It doesn’t matter if you refer to yourself as DM, GM, Keeper, or some other godly title fitting of your station, your players will eventually derail your entire campaign. You will be thrown into a chaotic improv and forced to make the best of it. When that happens you’ll need all the help you can get just to keep the narrative flowing, which is where Looted Lore comes in.

We are a collection of writers and illustrators set on providing you with the escape hatch you need when all of your meticulous planning becomes meaningless. In our vault you will find characters to fill a small tavern when your players decide to get a little chatty, encounters to scatter throughout a dungeon to put that meta-gaming party straight into harm’s way, and even a setting or two to bridge the gap between your last great story and the new thing you’ve been working on.

We hope you enjoy and come back often.


The Wizard Comstox, the Soggy Bard, the Giant Rogue, and an Unnamed Cleric of an Ancient Evil.

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