Fish Pit

Bad watering hole, worse clientele, and bottom of the barrel “edibles”


The Fish Pit is not a place you decide to drink, it is where you go when you don’t have options. Located right on the harbour, it primarily serves the blue-collar labourers who are not rich in means nor acquainted with finer tastes. Accordingly its owner serves the cheapest alcohol and does not bother with decor or sanitation. The food is minimalistic and disgusting. Like the owner, Fish Frak, the folks who frequent the joint are uneducated. It should be relatively easy to cheat fellow customers out of credits in games of “chance”, and though PCs might lose a brawl, it is unlikely that anyone present is much good with firearms (or has them). When describing the bar, GMs should emphasize the sliminess of the location, the large amount of brown and green surfaces illuminated with yellow lights, and the smell of the sea and various species’ body odor. There’s a (non-holographic) Dejarik board and often a mediocre musician/drunk who plays for drinks. The joint is small and one floor so don’t expect more than 15 sentients unless it’s a special occasion.

If players drink a third alcoholic beverage, have them roll a ◆◆ Resilience check. Failure results in tipsiness, where they suffer a setback die on all checks. Each following drink results in a Resilience check of one greater difficulty. The second failed check makes a character drunk, which comes with a two setback dice burden on all checks, and a third failure makes them hammered (three setback dice).


A gross but undeniably alcoholic beverage. You wish it was watered down. So salty.

2 credits

Non-Aquatic species suffer one strain after finishing a glass. Give a bonus die to aquatic species for Resilience checks in association with drinking Brine-Brew™.

Polaris Ale

Frothy amber beverage that most customers consider fancy. Best served lukewarm.

5 credits

Collalian Whiskey

Knock-off Corellian whiskey. Much cheaper–in both senses of the word.

8 credits

Fish’s Chips

Seafood scrap that ought to be deboned and ground up before serving. At least it has been mostly cooked.

5 credits

When a player attempts to consume Fish’s Chips, he must make a ◆◆ Discipline check to actually swallow it. If he fails, his nausea overwhelms him, he suffers three strain, and he pukes on a engaged person of the GM’s choosing. Most people don’t like that.

Cheese Log

Creamy, covered in an outer layer of nuts, and comes with a single sleeve of crackers.

6 credits

Assorted Space Nuts

Space cashews, space walnuts, space almonds. Space peanuts are not true space nuts.

4 credits

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