Nuardud Putkout

“I’ll have the money. I will.”

Aqualish Dockworker


Nuardud is a recent immigrant who got his passage and job by becoming indebted to a Hutt, so he works hard, lives frugally, and still fears for his life. He can make his monthly payments fine, but if ever he should get laid off or sustain an injury that affects his ability to do physical labor, he has a good chance of ending up dead. This puts him in a situation of really wanting extra credits, but being wary of dangerous side-jobs or anything with a questionable legality. In a way he is really living on the edge. He has a few friends that he made at work, and he occasionally has the cash to go out with them for a few drinks, though it isn’t uncommon for one of them to pick up his tab out of pity. He’s an aqualish of simple tastes: he likes competitive physical exertion, hitting on members of other species, and drinking. He used to gamble when he wasn’t so worried about money, but nowadays even when drunk he balks at the idea of losing his hard-earned credits.

PCs will probably encounter him at a bar, unless they happen upon his place of work during business hours. He is available for side-jobs, but he must be persuaded to do anything risky. PCs can lie to him to get him to agree to something he normally would not, or they could offer him enough money that he has difficulty refusing–in any case if they buy him drinks, he will prove to be less stubborn. If his cautious nature proves correct, PCs will know that they have likely led him to his death.

PLOT HOOK: Nuardud doesn’t have much to offer, but if PCs pity him, they can help him with his debt. If they pay off his Obligation of 6,000 credits (or adopt his payment plan with 20 group Obligation), he will become loyal to the crew. Alternatively, if they kill the Hutt whom he owes and destroys his financial records, they can get his eternal gratitude much cheaper.

SKILLS: Athletics, Brawl, Coercion, Discipline, Melee, Resilience, Survival, Vigilance

16 WT, 5 Soak

CONVERSION: Nuardud is as clear of a Marauder as anyone gets, and any of the Aqualish subspecies will do. As long as his Brawn is raised as high as can go at the neglect of everything else, you’ve got the idea. Since his build is so straight forward he should be easy to convert to other systems; just make sure he has high strength and constitution. Any strong races work well, but most faithful would be the orc with its intelligence debuff, though that may not work with many campaigns. Most importantly, make him neck-deep in debt and looking for a way out.

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