The Professor

“To use a sword you must understand the body. Magic is about understanding the mind and soul.”

Class: Wizard

Race: Human

STR: 8 DEX: 8 CON: 8 INT: 20 WIS: 20 CHA: 20

Description: After a homemade spell went awry and killed his wife the Professor devoted his life to the study and instruction of magic. He is constantly creating new spells which he sells to those interested. While a friendly man, he is fiercely against those who misuse magic. His desire to help also includes a willingness to stop those who he believes will misuse the magic that they have.

Plot Hook: The party can learn about how his wife died and realize that the two never finished the spell they were working on. The party can attempt to persuade him to finish creating the spell. (It can do whatever the DM wants.) As they help him to finish the spell they are attacked. It becomes clear that the death of his wife was actually a murder from magicians trying to stop them from finishing the spell for fear of what the spell could do.

Plot Twist: If your characters are less than honorable with their use of magic, then the magician at some point can attack the characters for their misuse of magic.

Conversion: The Professor is very passionate about educating all in the use of magic. This passion is a driving point for his character and its root comes from the death of his wife. This makes it hard for him to wobble on his position against magic that is used with malintent.

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