Alice Axenshaw

I don’t hate gnomes! Though I must admit they are some of the most incredibly rude, low, scummy creatures I have met. Did you know they are responsible for…

Race: Half-Elf

Description: Your mostly sweet typical VERY OLD grandmother that your characters can go to for some nourishment when in the area. She lives alone and has a peculiar appetite that she mentions consistently, but never seems to elaborate as to what that means other than the fact that most meat disagrees with her. She also happens to be incredibly racist against gnomes and doesn’t hide it. No one quite knows why. Whenever asked about why she hates gnomes so much, she staunchly claims to not hate anyone; however, this is followed almost immediately by a variety of outlandish stories involving her and what the party can only assume is a spurned lover who was half gnome. Eccentric as always, your players will love her unique insights into the world around them.

Gear: A massive ax hidden under a floorboard.

Plot Hook: Characters can manage to search and find the gnome that so offended old Alice. If, after much digging… literally digging too… they manage to find the gnome, they can potentially reunite the odd couple. Thus they would learn about how the gnome spurned her because of her peculiar diets. He refuses to go into details on what that means because Granny has a particular taste for dwarf meat. Yes. This is what caused the spurning of her half-gnome lover. She doesn’t hate dwarves, in fact, she loves them! Maybe… just a little too much. If you have a dwarf character in your party, she will like him the most. She will also try to fatten him up, poison him, and if you stay the night, try and steal him to eat him.

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