Harry Wilson

“Pack ’em up boys, we’re done here. War’s over, go home…” —Commander Tungsten of the 107th”

Age: 21

Class: Ranger

Race: Human

Background: Soldier

PHYSICAL 3 (Emphasis on Dexterity); MENTAL 4 (Emphasis on Awareness); SOCIAL 3

…And so they did. They all went home. Except no one told Harry. In fact, his covert mission meant that many of his peers didn’t even know he was still in the service. They’d told most that he’d simply finished.

The war ended so suddenly, those in power no longer remained in power. Those who knew of Harry were imprisoned or killed. Of course, that’s what happens when your side loses.

That was a year ago. You find Harry in a small shop. He’s the only other customer, and the lady at the counter has a close eye on him. She mentions to you that he comes here once a month. The same time every month. He buys the same things. Only his beard grows more and more unkempt each time. He rarely speaks, she says, which is odd, because he just asked you for a cigarette. And a favor.

Plot Hook: You don’t know Harry’s background. You just know him as a man in a store with you. If you get to know him, you’ll learn of his military background. You may even find out that he believes the war is still going on; propaganda is everywhere, and news often looks the same. Press further, and he’ll leak some info about the current government. Information that could make you very wealthy, or very powerful.

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