Zillohk Gar

“In your situation, honesty is also the safest policy…”

Devaronian Interrogator


Zillohk is a loner who has no scruples about making others feel pain. In fact, some claim he enjoys it. Whether or not that’s true, it’s exactly the kind of press that gets him plenty of business–and, if his current subject is aware of his reputation, makes his job even easier. As a horned, sharp-toothed Devaronian he already makes a sobering impression, and his skills elevate his persona all the more. Zillohk is somewhat of a freelancer. He has regular clients, mob bosses and the like, but he also is often available to step in for individual needs.

PCs may encounter Zillohk anywhere, and if they’re planning on getting information on someone without feeling like the bad guys they may want to hire him. Conversely they may find themselves the targets of his profession after being captured by various enemies. He is very serious about his line of work, and he guarantees answers. If they later get the upper hand on Zillohk, its up to them whether they consider his activities as just his job or something worthy of condemnation.

SKILLS: Brawl, Coercion 2, Deception, Discipline 2, Melee, Perception, Resilience, Vigilance

GEAR: Brass Knuckles [+1, Crit 4, Disorient 3], Gaffi Stick [+2, Crit 3, Defensive 1,Disorient 3]

ADVENTURE HOOK: When Zillohk got into this business, he decided to change his name in order to avoid repercussions for his relatives. So far so good, but he didn’t anticipate them getting in trouble without him. His brother Volc is held captive by a Hutt by the name of Osha. Since Osha is a semi-regular client of his, he has the know-how to get his brother out–but he needs someone else to actually do it. He will provide the PCs with contact information and necessary blueprints in order to pull off this heist, and in return Zillohk will pay them handsomely (4,000 credits) and also provide discount services when needed.

CONVERSION: For a standard D&D game, just make Zillohk into a Dragonborn. Devaronians are a devil-inspired race, so what better than a man-dragon? It also works well with their Strength and Charisma (for Intimidation) boosts. PCs can make a good approximation of him if they pick up Intimidation and Insight with the Fighter class. In a Star Wars campaign, choose the Enforcer specialization in the Hired Gun sourcebook. Either way, try to capture as many enemies as possible. Interrogation can be a lot of fun.

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