Salaaysha Tsang

“I have you covered. I work for only the highest bidders. Trust me discretion is a strong suit of mine.”

Physical: 2 (Emphasis on Dexterity) Mental: 3 (Emphasis on Intelligence) Social: 4

Age: 28

Race: Human

Class: Thief

Salaaysha is a high class thief who is sought after for high priority jobs. She does reconnaissance for the teams she works for and gets information effectively. Her real art is the theft of intel. It helps that she is stunningly beautiful and is able to use that to get the information she needs. However, for all her qualities she has never been a part of a successful heist. Her weakness is alcohol. She cannot hold her liquor at all and thus reveals the details of the heist to people she is swindling information out of. Her accomplices get caught and imprisoned routinely. As a result she looks for more work. Most people who find out the truth about the heists think that she was just a pawn in a larger scheme and leave her alone after they catch the rest of the conspirators.

Plot Hook: The party can recruit Salaaysha into a scheme or heist of theirs after hearing of her immense talent. Of course they have no knowledge of her weakness. This could lead to an unexpected incarceration to throw a wrench into your parties plans. And if they never discover how they got caught, they could unwittingly use her multiple times leading to multiple incarcerations and more enjoyment for the DM.

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