Malakai Mbangu

“Shadows may ne’er be as fierce as the stories, nay; but you have not heard this Shadow’s story.”

Physical 4 (Emphasis in Stealth); Mental 4; Social 2

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

He seemingly towers over you, even when you keep your distance. His dark skin, painted with red clay, glistens in the sun. He wears no shirt or head cover, odd for one living in these extreme desert conditions. You’re wary to approach, but you’ve heard that you must visit a Shadow upon entering town, or else your stay may be… brief.

Cautious, you walk up beside him. He looks at you, unblinking. With a small beckon of his hand he bids you follow him. You keep close at his heels. Suddenly, you’re stopped by a townsperson who begs you not to follow the man, but before you can pull away from the woman, you sense a quick movement—a shadow—Malakai is standing over the woman, who now lies motionless on the ground. “I think you should not be listening to these people. Come.” He leaves.

And again, you follow.

Plot Hook: To stay in the town where you encounter Malakai, you must meet with the Shadows. This should be a difficult encounter for your players. Some of the party may not make it out of the meeting alive. Yet, leaving the town isn’t such a good idea, either. There is untold wealth in this desert, and you can’t stick around without permission. Plus, if you decide to attempt Malakai’s trials and take the Oath of Shadows (I’m leaving this up to you, the DM, to incorporate this for now. But I plan to tackle my idea for this at a later date), you’ll find that you’re able to endure much more of the fierce desert elements than a normal person could.

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