Franco Thomson

“Wait, what happened to the guy before me?”

Physical: 4 (Emphasis Strength) Mental: 3 (Emphasis Intelligence) Interpersonal: 2

Age: 24

Class: Bard

Race: Human

Background: Scholar

Franco didn’t intend on getting this deep into the Organization. He did study to be an architect and had an incredible amount of natural talent, but he didn’t think that would end up getting used to construct the strange sights he’s worked on. He originally took the position in the Organization because of the challenge implied by their cryptic offer. Now, Franco is a little worried about what he’s gotten himself into. Not because of any moral conflict, however. Franco is just plain scared.

His trepidation shows, causing many of his coworkers to act distant towards him: not cold, but unwilling to invest. Because of this Franco feels like an outsider. This feeling of exclusion leaves him very susceptible to flattery or any kind of positive interaction. He will be much less discrete with information than he should be if treated the right way.

Plot Hook: Franco has a theory but doesn’t have the time to explore it. Or the courage. All he needs is a few pictures of an arcane structure hidden away in a museum. A museum that doesn’t allow cameras and is owned and operated by the enemy.

What Franco doesn’t know is that the enemy is attempting to build more of these structures. He’ll be helping them by building them himself. The party can discover this if they find a way to poke around in the museum offices.

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