Gundabish Smith

“No one believes me when I tell them I enjoy fine dining. I think it’s because of my accent.”

Physical: 3 (Emphasis strength) Mental 3 (Emphasis Intelligence) Interpersonal 4 (Emphasis Charisma)

Age: 29

Class: Bard

Race: Orc

Background: Noble

Gundabish is a simple man… Well… Orc. He was raised by a wealthy human family after his parents passed away. He knows he is an Orc, though he doesn’t always act like one. His upbringing has unmistakably given him human characteristics. His family is still alive and he has dinner with them once a week like clockwork. He never misses it. He is a very scheduled Orc who cares a great deal about procedure. His singing voice is haunting because of the rasp of his Orcish tongue.

Your party can find Gundabish in a local tavern or any high end party or event in larger cities. He does not rough it. If you manage to get him to join your party, whether it be for a short or extended period of time, he will take serious convincing to camp and complain obnoxiously about it until you are back in civilization. While you are out of civilization your party gets a minus to stealth as Gundabish has no experience with it.

Plot Twist: Gundabish can teach one of your characters to sing. For that to happen a player needs to ingratiate himself with Gundabish. That friendship will result in Gundabish being willing to teach him to sing/play an instrument. For this to continue they have to continue seeing Gundabish on a weekly basis for lessons.

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