Aido Knough

She’s uncertain about a lot of things, but she’s certainly one to keep an eye on. Useful? I don’t know. But she’s got something about her you can’t quite put your finger on…

Age: 40

Race: Human

Class: Bard

Physical: 1; Mental: 2; Social: 5 (emphasis on Charisma)

Standing there in her bathrobe, you’d think she didn’t belong. But everyone around you is just sort of… going along with it. It is quite the bathrobe. You half wonder if the peacock feathers are real or not. The pink wool she claims comes from a pink sheep, but it’s obviously dyed. Right?

She puts on quite a show for anyone she meets, though deep down she’s insecure about most everything there is to be insecure about. She’ll likely charm your party, and if you’re not careful, she may actually charm someone in your party. Stick around, and you’ll see her leave. Follow her around the corner, and you’ll see the pink sheep isn’t just real—it’s her pet.

Plot Hook: There are two ways to use Aido Knough. Her pink sheep is very rare and will fetch a pretty coin to a procurer of rarities—or the witch across town that wants this one in particular. Conversely, side with Aido and help her get out of town (she’s uncertain she can do it alone), and she’ll gift someone in your party a blue sheep to keep as a familiar. But, if your party helps her flee, expect some resistance from the town witch, who is a very powerful mage.

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