Inspector Pine (EP1-N3)

Protocol dictates all enforcement police are eligible for “Officer of the Month.” No distinction is made for non-biological employees.”

Droid Policeman


Inspector Pine is one of the many droids used in law enforcement throughout the galaxy. When he was originally purchased, his design made him fit for only very routine police work, including patrolling for minor crimes and investigating disturbances. The model almost always requires backup before engaging in difficult situations; either with respect to physical danger, socially sensitive circumstances, or investigative quandaries. After some 15 years experience, not only has Pine gained much experience but his programming has also unraveled to some degree, creating a competent but quirky officer. While still very bound to the rules and regulations of the local police, he often takes advantage of loopholes in protocol to get the wiggle-room he wants to solve crime.

Though the police force strictly owns Pine and is under no obligation to give him any sort of spending money or other accommodations, he has managed to make a decent living based of abusing rules of proper maintenance regulation and finagling bonuses for his performance usually restricted to biological officers. As a result you can find Pine at many public places seemingly mingling with the citizens during his required off-hours, trying to blend in, though one can be sure he is always on the look-out for crime. He considers police work his calling and has no patience for disorderly conduct–though he is not above compromise for the greater good. Many locals have a high opinion of him because of his high ideals, and some like him because he gives them the food he can’t eat when he is trying to fade into the populace. Low-lifes hate his determination and there have been multiple attempts on his life.

SKILLS: Coercion, Charm, Discipline, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Knowledge (Outer Rim), Knowledge (Underworld), Perception, Piloting (Planetary), Ranged (Light), Stealth, Vigilance

10 WT, 4 Soak

PLOT HOOK: Pine is worried about some legal reforms to some of the regulations cops face, since he knows how to work the current system too well. PCs in his confidence may help him to stop bureaucracy-thinning in its tracks by manipulating local government or turn public opinion against the restructuring.

CONVERSION: If a PC wants a Pine approximation to play, he should pick the Marshall specialization and avoid taking Leadership and Knowledge (Lore) because, hey, ‘droids don’t needs to know about old stories or taking charge. If he takes extra obligation, all of Pine’s characteristics are available to the starting droid PC, though his variety of skills is a little out of reach. In other systems try to make sure he has the abilities listed–as a jack-of-all-trades Humans are generally good. For D&D I recommend a Ranger, make sure to get Investigation and Perception, and for Favored Enemy go for Humans and Elves.

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