Mary of the Lake

Of which lake?

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Physical: 3; Mental: 4; Social 2

“Of that one.” Mary Points.

“That?! That’s hardly a pond.”

“It’s water, innit? Might as well be a lake.”

You never see her swim in it, though. And she never fishes. She just hangs around it. It’s hers, she insists, but her name would imply that rather she is the lake’s . . . Well, pond’s. And there she sits for most of her time. Sometimes she’s not around the pond, but that’s rare. You ask her frequently what’s so special about it, but all you learn is that the pond is a spring, which makes it a good source of water for your party, but isn’t much else special.

Plot Hook: Mary hides things in her pond: rocks with engravings, keys, shiny objects. Use detect magic and you’ll find a small magic item, but it’s not useful or worth much. It does lie at the bottom of her “lake” beside a stone tablet with the most peculiar carving on it. Decipher it, and it will take you to a small crypt nearby. There is a door that is unlocked by one of the key’s she’s thrown in the pond. That’s where she hides the real good stuff. And after practicing magic the last 200 years, she has some good stuff.

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