Brian Coates

If no one will stop this, I guess I’ll just have to. Plain and simple.

Age: 41

Class: Ranger

Race: Half-Elf

STR: 10 DEX: 11 CON: 10 INT: 14 WIS: 13 CHA: 14

Background: Folk Hero

Brian Coates is an incredibly intelligent carpenter who now devotes his physical stature to the fight against the Hands of Twilight. His first interaction with the cult came when one of the Hands took over as the magistrate in his hometown. Brian kept from intervening until there was no other intelligent way of handling the situation than removing the Hand from power. He successfully led a small faction of resistance against the magistrate before the Organization’s own actions could make it out of the planning stage. However, the victory came at a cost. Brian and a few of loyal members of his faction are now wanted criminals. The Organization is Brian’s way of both staying out of prison and protecting others from the Hands of Twilight.

Plot Hook: Brian is in a bind. A literal, magical bind. A curse has been placed on his mind, allowing a witch (unaffiliated with the Hands) to hear his every thought. She’s using this as a way to slowly steal every part of his identity until she can use his life as another disguise to hide in. The only way to break the curse on Brian and many others is to remove the witch from the equation. Some of Brian’s men know that a local cell of Hands is having trouble with this witch as well. They might be willing to work with some faces they don’t recognize.

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