Jeffery Lazelby

50 on Red, sir. And 50 on Black, if you will. Thank you, sir.”
“0, Green”
“Well, dammit.”

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Strength: 1; Mental: 3; Social: 4

He’s dressed to the nines, yet playing everything very safe. You’d think someone with his tall, confident stature would have a pair of women hanging to his arms and a cocktail waitress in the wings, just waiting to give him his refill.

But no, he’s dressed in a tux and the man next to him is in a cowboy hat and jeans. The blackjack table is worn and torn. The High Stakes tables are on the north end of the casino, but he’s on the south . . . riding the minimum bet the whole night. He approaches you at the bar, shoots a stern look to the bartender, who quickly leaves earshot, and offers you some advice—for a price.

Plot Hook: Jeffery fits best in a modern, low-magic setting, but can be adapted to any setting. He is a gambler that has everything and loses a lot. He plays it safe—and stupid—almost to the point that you can’t call it gambling anymore. He never stands to win anything because he covers all the options. His advice to you: the owner of the casino is from royal dwarf lineage. There are rumors that there is an old dwarf mine, repurposed to look like a common coal or ore mine, nearby. Certain old spells will open certain vaults in the mine, and behind those vault doors . . . Well, it’s a sure bet if you’ve ever seen one. Use him or abuse him, but be warned, he will do the same to your party. He’ll do just about anything to get those riches, so you should do those things first.

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