Desperate Donny

“So is that what he’s called or just what we call him?”


Human Bard

Strength: 2; Mental: 3; Social: 1

He only has one eye, just a handful of teeth, and a rather large frown. He’s not one you’ll want to hang around, but if you do, well, he’ll stick to you like glue—and then you can’t not have him hanging around.

He can sing, he says. If you’re foolish enough to listen, you’ll definitely regret it. He’ll ask you for money, and if you give him any, he’ll only want more. He’s a rather sad type. He’ll dress in rags and bemoan the time he had riches. He’ll whistle a happy tune only to have it turn solemn and somber. You’ll probably spend most of your time figuring out how to ditch the guy, especially since you may need to take drastic measures to do so.

Plot Hook: Donny just sucks to be around. That’s it. Throw him in the mix when you need your players to stop sidetracking and get on with it. That said, he has his uses. He’ll make other NPCs upset, too. You might find that advantageous. And, if you do kill . . . er, get rid of him, one of your players will get cursed. He’s a lose-lose situation for whenever you’re desperate to kick some motivation into a couple players.  

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