The Soggy Bard

Coming up with quotes is the hardest part.

Real Name: Austin

From: Utah

Job: Technical Writer

Genre: Fantasy (and Technical, I guess)

Education: Degree in Communication and Linguistics

I could give a masterclass in writing unfinished stories. I start an idea, get sidetracked, and start on another. Each unfinished story leaves me with these small snippets of fantasy: seeds of imagination that I play out over and over in different scenarios. These are stories that didn’t quite resolve, but had too much going for them to just hit delete.

Most books, short stories, movies, what have you, have well-defined endings, and that’s where endings belong. But I believe that the incomplete nuggets of creativity that wander onto the page without anywhere to fit deserve to be shared as well. That’s why I love places like Looted Lore; it gives those stray characters, fleeting ideas, and unresolved concepts a fitting home. A home where they can hopefully run wild in the imaginations of others, too.